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Five ways with Beauty Brain

August 19, 2020
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Here are some of our favourite ways we’re enjoying Beauty Brain Super Powder at Jeuneora HQ. Slide into our DMs if you have any other yummy ways to get your daily dose!

  1. Start the day
    Keep it simple with a warming morning beauty tonic - mix Beauty Brain Super Powder with honey and hot water to feel warmed and beautiful from the inside out.
  2. Double the glow!
    It’s the ultimate dream team and you guys are loving it together - try Beauty Brain and Mixed Berry Renew+ mixed together for the ultimate combo!
  3. Mix it up
    Whip up a blackcurrant and tropical smoothie - combine coconut milk, frozen mango and berries, chia seeds, Medjool dates and a scoop of Beauty Brain Super Powder!
  4. Curb the afternoon slump
    Add something a lil extra to your afternoon pick-me-up with some blackcurrant and coconut bliss balls. Check out our recipe here!
  5. The perfect match
    Add some Naked Collagen to your Beauty Brain for an extra bit of glow (because we’re all about that).


Berry and Coconut Bliss sound like a bit of you? Click here for our delicious recipe!

Home / Feature / Five ways with Beauty Brain