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Sustainability and the Jeuneora ethos

March 24, 2021
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As we've mentioned in our blog posts, you have a choice when it comes to investing in your body (yay!) especially when it comes to trying a collagen supplement, whether it's bovine collagen, porcine collagen, or marine collagen (you can read more about the differences here. At Jeuneora, we value research, science, and taking a hands-on approach to the development of each and every product we produce. Part of this includes our commitment to traceability and sustainability of our products. 

Sustainability and the Jeuneora Ethos

As with all our ingredients and manufacturing, sustainability is very important to us. This not only includes how our products are sourced, but also the means in which they are produced, and the impact this has on the environment.


When we began searching for the highest quality, and clinically studied ingredients to make our products with, it was important to us that we discussed with these suppliers, the issue of sustainability.


Part of the benefit of a product like collagen, is that is enables us to use the parts of the animal (ie fish) that would otherwise be discarded.


We value a nose-to-tail philosophy (meaning little to nothing is wasted) and this is one of our main criteria when selecting suppliers.


All our Marine Collagen is sustainably sourced from France and Norway. Our wild-caught fish suppliers take pride in being part of an international environmental certification body created to certify fisheries according to environmental criteria. This criteria includes stock management (making sure the fish by-product used in making the Marine Collagen are from fish that are not a critically endangered fish species as listed in the International Union for Conservation of Nature red list), as well as ecosystem maintenance and traceability.


Our suppliers of keratin are locally based, and also take pride in the sustainability of their NZ wool derived functional keratin products. Wool is shorn from sheep at the start of each summer ensuring the sheep survive the summer heat while growing a new coat in time to be well protected for winter. All wool comes from grass fed, free range NZ sheep, and all possible care is taken not to harm any animal in the process of shearing.


None of our ingredients are tested on animals at any stage of the manufacturing journey, from supply, to the end product.


All products are manufactured locally in NZ from our French, Norwegian, Australian, and New Zealand ingredients.


At Jeuneora, none of our finished supplements are bulk-bought, or ready-made and we take pride in personally testing each batch, or new formula we create, ourselves.


We're very proud of this process, and we will continue to seek out the highest quality, and most sustainable products we are able to find in order to produce the products that we make.


You can find all our products here.

Home / Doing our Bit / Sustainability and the Jeuneora ethos