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Dos and don'ts from our friends at Loxy's

March 24, 2021
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We recently interviewed the fabulous team from Loxy's of Auckland, who are game changers when it comes to all things hair! They also specialise in beautiful hair extensions using techniques that don't ruin what you already have.

We thought we'd let you in on some trade secrets when it comes to having your best hair yet! Thanks to the amazing Kate Jarrett, managing director of Loxy's, and her wonderful stylist Zhana.

Team ORA Monique and Meg after some hair love by Loxy's

Jeuneora: If you had to give just one piece of hair advice to someone, and they would actually take the advice... what would it be?

Loxy's: To use treatments (Olaplex is the holy grail!) regularly to keep your hair in tip top shape, and to not go near it with hot tools without hefty heat protection. People often underestimate just how important heat protection is. A good analogy I heard which I use a lot is, would you take something hot out of the oven without an oven mitt on? The answer is generally no. Hot tools with no protection on your hair should be the same!

Jeuneora:In the age where 'everyone's an expert'...what's the most common hair myth you wish people would stop sharing?

Loxy's: That you can be Kim Kardashian and go from black to blonde in a day with no damage. Social media really makes our jobs hard in terms of setting unrealistic expectations. We have amazing treatments that’ll help protect your hair from damage but if you want to go blonde from being dark, expect this to be a process!

Expecation vs reality

Jeuneora: YES! This is so true. Unrealistic expectations from social media can be super hard! Ok, so following on from this train of thought, what is something you see or hear people doing, that as a hairdresser, you wish they would just.stop.doing?

Loxy's: Stop apologising for the state of their hair when they sit down in our chair at the beginning of a service. You’re here for us to make you look fab don’t worry about not having made an effort with your hair to come and see us haha!

Jeuneora: We are so guilty of doing this! Isn't it interesting? It should be a treat to come in and make yourself feel beautiful, noted!Ok, next question: At Jeuneroa we focus a lot on nutrition and holistic well being, we believe that beauty starts from the inside out, and we focus a lot on good gut health for glowing skin, nails, and hair. So with this in mind, do you have any advice around the best (or worst) things to eat for lush hair?

Loxy's: Number one Jeuneora of course!!

Jeuneora: Haha thanks so much, we're stoked you love it! Anything else?

Loxy's: Definitely add good fats like avocados and nuts. Foods with silica like bananas, and zinc like spinach and chicken. Good hair is just as much an inside job as an outside one.

Jeuneora: Awesome, we'll work on making some smoothie recipes that include these for sure! Ok, just for fun, let's talk bad trends! Which 'trending' hairstyle are you most happy to see the back of?

Loxy's: Hehe without offending anyone, the dark underneath / blonde on top is not my jam. I’m not sure if it’s just because I don’t like it or because it makes it hard to match extensions to hahah but I’ll happily say farewell to that look!

Jeuneora: Haha! We were wondering if that one would come up! One of us may have been guilty of sporting that look for a while in the mid 2000's! On a totally different matter, an area that we get asked about at Jeuneora is regarding thinning hair. What can people do to help hair that is thinning post pregnancy or from stress etc.

Loxy's: This is something we see so much of too! I think here it’s important to call in the experts. We recommend visiting a GP or specialist if your hair is thinning just to really get a good assessment as there could be something going into that’ll show up in blood tests and be an easy fix. We always recommend the Jeuneora range and there are some great haircare ranges that will help promote hair growth like Holistic Hair. Stay away from heat tools, and do a lot of treatments. But ultimately, intense thinning is an internal problem and an internal solution.

Jeuneora: We couldn't agree more! These are such helpful suggestions and we are so stoked to have you guys supporting us! So, before we wrap up, can you tell us which hair trends are you most exited about for 2018?

Loxy's: Vibrant colours are here to stay and we are so excited about it. Going red was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done! So fun to branch out and try something new.

Jeuneora:Amazing! Thank you so much Kate and Zhana for this fantastic advice and insight! And yes, your bright red hair is total goals Kate! (Having been all colours of the rainbow I'm going to settle for an ashy blonde for the next wee while).

To find out more about Loxy's and the gorgeous work they do, visit

Images via Loxy's, KK's Instagram, One Hair Salon.

Home / In Convo / Dos and don'ts from our friends at Loxy's