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Jeuneora travel tales - tips and tricks for enjoyable travel

March 24, 2021
Home / Wellness / Jeuneora travel tales - tips and tricks for enjoyable travel

Team Jeuneora seem to constantly be on the road or in the air and this can obviously take a toll on our bodies and skin, as well as sleep and eating habits.

We know many of you are seasoned travellers, so this month we’d love to talk about our top travel tips for surviving those long road trips or plane rides! (And we'd love you to share yours!)

Additionally we thought we'd focus on how we keep routines in check when we are away, for example our tips on beating jet lag, and messed up eating and sleeping.

As you know, Jeuneora supplements can be taken with you when you travel, and they can help so much for things like fatigue, skin hydration, and damaged hair from destinations with hard water.

Jeuneora HQ top tips -

We asked some of the team at Jeuneora HQ to share their top 3 tips that help them feel more settled and healthy when they are away from home (aside from making sure they stock up with Jeuneora products of course!)

Here's what they had to say:

Monique: "I always take my kindle so I can read where ever I am. Water is an absolute essential on long plane rides, so I always chug the water! My last tip would be to explore and enjoy the local fresh cuisine!"

Meg: "I always bring headphones so I can listen to familiar music or relaxing sounds, as it helps me sleep on the plane and at night. I try not to sleep too late in the morning as it screws up my routine. I try to walk around (usually taking photos!) as much as possible to keep my steps up and boost my energy (which also helps me sleep better at night).

Colleen: "I prepare ahead for places I can go running (often in a group). Running helps me feel physically and mentally awesome. I also research the best places to eat, especially if I don't have much time in that one place. Researching places to eat, and activities with great reviews ensures I have fun things to look forward to after a long day of working and don't waste any down -time!"

Dee: "I make sure to pack my own food when I go away as I don't like having to go out to eat all the time, and I really enjoy exploring, so I always pack exercise gear believe it or not! I always have a book with me to help me wind down and relax."

We'd love to hear your thoughts, tips, or best travel stories (or horror stories, because who doesn't love a good travel horror story!)

Home / Wellness / Jeuneora travel tales - tips and tricks for enjoyable travel