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Recycling locally

Although our Sugarcane and traditional plastic packaging is widely accepted by nearly all local government recycling schemes, we know that approximately 40% of recyclable plastic still sadly ends up in a landfill.

Our zero-landfill policy

This is why we chose to partner with TerraCycle to provide a guaranteed zero-landfill recycling programme for our customers in New Zealand and Australia. You can grab a TerraCycle Return Bag (made from recycled plastic) off us for free, then collect and ship all of your empty Jeuneora plastic packaging to TerraCycle free of charge.

A second life

TerraCycle will shred, wash and melt your empties (and TerraCycle Return Bag) down into raw materials that can be used as an alternative to virgin plastic to make things like outdoor furniture and childrens’ playgrounds.

Closing the loop

TerraCycle is a social enterprise operating in 21 countries around the world with a goal to eliminate the idea of waste. They offer a range of closed-loop solutions meaning your waste will always live to see another day (instead of a landfill).

It's easy to participate

1. Grab your free pre-addressed Jeuneora x TerraCycle Return Bag from our online store.

2. Collect your empty Jeuneora packaging over the next few months and pop it in the Return Bag.

3. Drop your full Return Bag at your local post office.